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JK Interiors do the professional office renovation.

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JK Interiors professional experience in making the vision for your home become a reality.

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JK Interiors is the leading interiors. We are reliable partner for your building.


JK Interiors delivering completed and professional projects in Sydney for the past 10 years.

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Gyprock, Plasterboard Installation, Cornices Inc Decorative, P50 Shadow Line, Suspended Ceilings, Office Tile Ceilings, Bulkheads And Pelmets, Sound Proofing, Certified Fire Rating Partition Stud Walls, All Plasterboard Patch Repair Work, Water Damage Repairs, Interior & Exterior Painting, All Insurance Work Certified

Plastering Renovation

            Interior Renovation

Plastering Office Renovation

            Office Renovation

Plastering Corner Ceiling

            Corner Ceiling

Plastering Ceiling & Suspend Ceiling

       Ceiling & Suspend Ceiling

Plastering Ceiling Bulkheads

            Ceiling Bulkheads

Plastering Plasterboard Wall & Partition Wall

            Plasterboard Wall & Partition Wall

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Fully Licensed Work, High Quality Plastering and Gyprocking Service

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Reliable contractor, They are responsibile and skilled.
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